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My Medicare is a website that was founded by health care industry experts in order to get you the best information about Medicare. Transferring your health care over to Medicare can be a scary or confusing time because you want to make sure you are covered. However, if you read the information on this site, you will be less confused because it really helps to clear a lot of things up. My Medicare was founded to help people get health care no matter what their situation. Here you will find info on Medicare for people who are over age 65, who are on disability and who are in end-stage renal failure or have ALS.

Mymedicare monitor the sphere of Medicare coverage in an attempt to ensure that you are getting the best information possible. With the political situation right now, everything is liable to change on a dime. Make sure you have the most recent and up-to-date information so that you can know what is happening with your Medicare plan!

Mymedicare mission is to get everyone who is eligible onto a Medicare plan without much hassle. Mymedicare don’t want there to be any confusion. It should be easy and make you feel confident that you have healthcare coverage. You will sleep better at night knowing you are covered!

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